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Hello there, I am Andy Brook, the webmaster here at northlancing.org. The website was set up in 2004 to promote Lancing and Sompting but like most things has developed into other areas! The focus is still on the local area but I also cover Sussex, UK and the whole wide world. Each day the site gets about 250 visits with 50% from outside the original target area. All links and items included here in good faith - if you feel that an item on the website infringes your copyright or you would like to have your say in reply to an item, please contact webmaster andy  and I will be pleased to amend/credit/correct accordingly. The views expressed within the website do not reflect the personal views of the webmaster and are published in the desire to generate reasoned debate, enlightenment and understanding.

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Friday Chill session ... 8 goodies to enjoy ... Have a lovely holiday weekend ... Next week our theme is Days ... as ever, requests taken

1. Bob Dylan " Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window " https://youtu.be/3EF1mDgfKKM
2. The Eagles " The Last Resort " https://youtu.be/RG-XBz1tjIU
3. Mary Gauthier " Long Way to Fall " https://youtu.be/znHZVc1fns0
4. John Prine " Glory of True Love " https://youtu.be/2L4BvI2cr8Q
5. Johnny Cash " The Man Comes Around " https://youtu.be/k9IfHDi-2EA
6. Jefferson Airplane " When The Earth Moves Again " https://youtu.be/KnnXKsZbTUo
7. Mike Oldfield " Moonlight Shadow " https://youtu.be/huRvdtTh2bA
8. Soloman Linda and the Evening " Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) " https://youtu.be/mrrQT4WkbNE

Bonus track Judy Sill " Jesus Was A Cross Maker "https://youtu.be/1zfh_PkFRVs

Graham writes “The reason for contacting you is that I wonder if you may consider posting an appeal for me. I have written six books on local history and I am now researching my seventh. I've been gathering information on the business William Weller, once located at the site of Wheelwrights Lodge in West Street, Sompting. In fact, as you may know, HD Tribe occupy one of Weller's original buildings since buying the business back in 1989. Formed in 1900 and originally a wheelwright, which later became William Weller and Son when his son George joined the business, they later went on to build portable buildings, kennels, chicken runs, etc. They did odd jobbing, painting, carpentry, upholstery, in fact you name it, they probably did it. They even supplied timber, creosote, polish, locks, hinges, etc. As if all this wasn't enough, they also became funeral directors, which is why the business was sold to HD Tribe much later on when all other roles of the business stopped leaving just the funeral director side. I am very keen on hearing from anyone who may have used Weller's, or purchased something from them, such as a garden shed, which incidentally some still survive in situ today! I also wonder if any photographs may survive of their workshop and lovely flint built office. There was a fire on the site on 18th November 1987 where the workshop and garage was destroyed by fire and I wonder if anyone may have remembered this or taken any photographs  .... "  Kindest regards Graham Lelliott 3 Busticle Lane Sompting Lancing West Sussex BN15 0DH 07793 435428

24hr Roof & Gutter Service & Property Maintenance of Lancing, West Sussex  are a trusted and professional roofing company who undertake all roofing work from tiling and slating to general roofing maintenance and repairs

Bank holidays are outdated, miserable and inconvenient: let's scrap them A Victorian invention, the bank holiday no longer suits the lives of most British families. Has the time come to abolish the bank holiday? No, I’m not being a killjoy, not this time at least. I do not propose to abolish paid holidays, and nor would I want to reduce the amount of time families can take to be together. In point of fact, employers can count bank holidays towards the annual leave entitlement of their staff, so a statutory right to have paid protected holidays outside that quota would be a marked improvement for some people (equivalent to a pay rise of about 2 per cent). What I mean to say is that we’re all so used to this idea of a set of days where the whole nation celebrates together the rites of spring or something that we don’t think much about it more

 The Great Gatsby is a 1974 American romantic drama film distributed by Newdon Productions and Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Jack Clayton and produced by David Merrick, from the screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola and based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel of the same name. The film stars Robert Redford in the title role of Jay Gatsby, along with Mia Farrow, Sam Waterston, Bruce Dern, Karen Black, Scott Wilson and Lois Chiles, with Howard Da Silva (who previously appeared in the 1949 version), Roberts Blossom and Edward Herrmann more

Downs Barn

Marie Antoinette born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna 2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793), was the last Queen of France prior to the French Revolution. She was born an Archduchess of Austria, and was the fifteenth and second youngest child of Empress Maria Theresa and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor. In April 1770, upon her marriage to Louis-Auguste, heir apparent to the French throne, she became Dauphine of France. On 10 May 1774, when her husband ascended the throne as Louis XVI, she became Queen of France and Navarre, a title she held until September 1791, when, as the French Revolution proceeded, she became Queen of the French, a title she held until 21 September 1792. After eight years of marriage, Marie Antoinette gave birth to a daughter, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, the first of her four children. Despite her initial popularity, a growing number of the population eventually came to dislike her, accusing her of being profligate, promiscuous, and of harbouring sympathies for France's enemies, particularly her native Austria.The Diamond Necklace affair damaged her reputation further. During the Revolution, she became known as Madame Déficit because the country's financial crisis was blamed on her lavish spending and her opposition to the social and financial reforms of Turgot and Necker more 

Fire Service focuses on cooking safety this February West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service will be raising awareness of cooking fire safety this month, as more fires and fire injuries are caused in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home. Reducing the number of fires started as a result of cooking remains a key priority for WSFRS and firefighters will be out in the community urging residents to take extra care when using cooking equipment and kitchen appliances, from the do’s and don’ts of using the hob to top tips when cooking with oil or deep fat frying more

Chance to make history as landmark venue reopens Bookings are now being taken for ceremonies at Southover Grange, in Lewes, which opens its doors on Saturday, April 29 2017 after a £1.5 million refurbishment by East Sussex County Council. To mark the reopening, the council has launched a competition offering people the chance to take part in the first ceremonies at the refurbished 16th century manor house. The successful applicants will win the right to have either the first wedding, civil partnership, renewal of marriage vows or baby-naming ceremony at the venue on opening day. Meanwhile, the first 20 new British citizens successfully applying for their citizenship ceremony at Southover Grange will form part of the first group citizenship ceremony on the same date more 

Amadeus, theatre review: A soaring song of genius and jealousy Sir Peter Shaffer’s rich and racy play remains an absorbing portrait of the fanatical rivalry between Mozart and Salieri, says Henry Hitchings Thirty-seven years on from its rapturously received premiere, Sir Peter Shaffer’s rich and racy play returns to the National Theatre. It remains an absorbing portrait of the fanatical rivalry between prodigious upstart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and established court composer Antonio Salieri, and Lucian Msamati gives a poised and intelligent performance in the key role of Salieri. Director Michael Longhurst’s interpretation is ambitious. Yet it takes a while to exert its grip. Occasionally too fussy and not always sure-footed, it’s packed with modern touches that don’t add much — a tray of American doughnuts, mobile phones, Mozart wearing Doc Martens more

Lady Gaga, in Versace, Sends a Sparkly Super Bowl Message Last year, Lady Gaga belted out the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 in a red Lurex pantsuit by Gucci, but this time around, for her starring performance at halftime on Sunday — beginning with her plunge off the roof of NRG Stadium in Houston like some kind of giant sci-fi angel, dazzling the audience with both her Swarovski-covered shine and her performance — she turned to her old friend Donatella Versace. Why? Not just because Ms. Versace knows a statement outfit when she makes one, or because she’s a designer who understands how to dress a power woman, or because she has had some experience with Super Bowl style having outfitted Bruno Mars for his duet with Beyoncé at Super Bowl 50. But it was also because the choice helped to support a subtler, arguably more powerful, message. Versace is “ family to us; we’ve worked together for so many years,” said Brandon Maxwell, Lady Gaga’s longtime stylist more

NHS Health Check: Short GP consultations crazy, say GPs The length of GP consultations in the NHS is "crazy" and risks undermining care if more patients are pushed out of hospitals, doctor leaders are warning. Average consultation length is 10 minutes in the UK - thought to be the shortest in the developed world. GP leaders said this was already too short and the extra workload from the hospital closures proposed by local leaders would destabilise care. The proposals are being made by local health leaders to "modernise" the NHS. There are 44 plans in England - many of which involve reducing hospital care and pushing more services into the community to save money and make the NHS more efficient. Similar measures are being taken in the rest of the UK. Meanwhile, polling by Ipsos Mori for the BBC of 1,033 UK adults has suggested the public would be open to a tougher approach on people who abuse the GP system. Seven in 10 said charging people for missed appointments would be acceptable more

Still tied together where they were shot 80 years ago: Mallorca moves to return lost victims of Spanish Civil War to families They were the lost victims of Spain’s vicious civil war - men and women taken out in the middle of the night, put against a churchyard wall and shot in the back head before being dumped in unmarked mass-graves. Now, 80 years after more than 1,700 summary executions were conducted on the Balearic island of Mallorca, families of the forgotten are finally being allowed to bury their dead. In a churchyard in the small rural town of Porreres, those searching for their loved ones queued up to give DNA samples in the hope that one the twisted corpses being painstakingly removed from the ground may belong to their family more

The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) is the organisation responsible for promoting the purposes of the National Park and the interests of the people who live and work within it. There are 15 National Parks in the UK. Known as Britain’s Breathing Spaces, National Parks are areas of spectacular landscape that include mountains, meadows, moorlands, woods, coasts and wetlands. Mostly farmed landscapes supporting living, working communities, National Parks are areas of protected countryside that everyone can visit and enjoy more
Walking Football - Lancing Wanderers

Offshore detainees' mental illness among highest of any surveyed population: study Refugees and asylum seekers held on Manus Island are battling some of the highest rates of depressive and anxiety disorders recorded and this is overwhelmingly the result of their detention experience, a study has found. The disclosure is included in a submission by the United Nations refugee agency that also reveals refugees and asylum seekers continued to be held in prison-like conditions, well after Papua New Guinea's highest court ruled that the detention was unconstitutional more

Here are 2017's earliest sightings of resident and common migrant butterflies, as reported to Butterfly Conservation The first flying Comma of the year was seen in sunshine in Kent this weekend. However, there was an earlier, very usual record, of a Comma in a moth trap in Hertfordshire on 7 January. If you have seen a butterfly in 2017 that is not yet listed below, and you are confident that you have identified it correctly, please email our Head of Recording with details of your sighting. To count as first sightings, butterflies must be seen outside and be active (i.e. not in hibernation) more

The Sky at Night 2016 This page, updated monthly, will let you know some of the things that you can look out for in the night sky.  It lists the phases of the Moon, where you will see the naked-eye planets and describes some of the prominent constellations in the night sky during the month more

Making primary schools into academies does not boost results, says report Pupils at early converters to academy status did not outperform children at schools that converted later, according to LSE research. Converting primary schools into academies has failed to improve their results, according to a study by the London School of Economics – calling into question government policy that all state schools in England should be pushed towards academy status. The authors of the report looked at the results of primary schools that changed from being maintained by local authorities to being academies run by autonomous trusts, and found no improvement compared with similar schools that converted later. The researchers also found that the more generous funding given to academies – to replace the services provided by local authorities – was largely diverted into administration costs rather than being spent in the classroom or on frontline services. “The results cast doubt on whether further expansion of the academies programme will be beneficial to English education,” said Andrew Eyles of the LSE’s centre for economic performance and one of the report’s authors more

From marrying for love to settling for looks: The most common mistakes people make when choosing a spouse Maybe love isn't actually all you need How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? Whether you believe in soulmates or not, this is arguably one of life’s biggest questions, and one that most people have asked themselves at one point in their lives. Committing to spend your life with one person isn’t a decision most people make lightly, so understandably want to make sure they’re not making a mistake. With 42% of marriages ending in divorce, it would appear lots of us may make the wrong choice of spouse, but what are the most common reasons? more

The 2 Big Beliefs Linked to Depression Two beliefs that put you at risk for depression, and how to rethink them In our psychological backpack, we all carry around beliefs that shape how we move through our days. They may be about the world, with positive beliefs like “People are generally trustworthy” or not-so-positive ones like “Life isn’t fair.” We also carry around beliefs about the future. Again, they may be good, like “Things usually work out for me” or not so much, like “Things will never get better.” But the heaviest weight in our backpack is the beliefs about ourselves. And when it comes to setting the stage for depression, a 2009 study in the journal Cognitive Therapy and Research found there are two biggies that are particularly devious. This week, here are the terrible two, plus, how to empty that backpack and refill it with beliefs that not only are more accurate, but fit you and your life a whole lot better more

Why Sebastian Barry's Days Without End deserves the Costa Award — review Sebastian Barry’s great river of drama, poetry and fiction flows from the spring of living history, stories your grandfather might have remembered his mother telling him about her grandfather, tales of growing up, going away, being cold, hungry or in love, staying alive. His seven novels run through two centuries and many a tide of time. A Long Long Way (2005) is the story of Willie Dunne, told from the bloodied ranks of the First World War. The Temporary Gentleman (2014) is set in Ghana in 1957, cross-twined with distant memories as Jack McNulty recalls growing up in Sligo and, most of all, his marriage. Barry’s great gift is to bring us within each book’s frame, to know its time, feel its place. The novels are not, in a conventional sense, a series, but in them two working-class families recur, the Dunnes of Dublin and the McNultys of Sligo. Their stories roam and intersect, each adding a new layer to Barry’s cumulative account of how then became now. You needn’t read every one to feel the force of his vision, but each one enriches it more

18th April 1956 Macmillan unveils premium bond scheme The British Chancellor Harold Macmillan has unveiled plans for a new state saving scheme offering cash prizes instead of interest. The premium bond would be "something completely new for the saver in Great Britain," he told MPs. The scheme is part of what he called his "savings budget" aimed at getting more people to save money by offering a top prize of £1,000. However the proposal is likely to draw criticism from some who regard the scheme as a form of gambling and therefore oppose the idea on moral grounds more

Although other groups achieved more chartbusting hit records, the J Geils Band became one of the most popular live acts in the US during the 1970s and early 80s, and were able to pack arenas with their rowdy, blues-based, good-time rock’n’roll. Their album “Live” Full House (1972) is considered a classic among in-concert recordings, and in 1982 they had a No 1 single in the US and No 3 in Britain with the exhaustingly catchy single Centerfold. John “J” Geils, who has died aged 71, was the band’s guitarist and one of the founding members more

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