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Streamline Your Home - Simplify Your Life


Do you sometimes look around your home and ask yourself “How ever did I accumulate all this stuff?” Is there chaos in your cupboards? Garbage in your garage? Sometimes, when life overtakes us we find our living space so stacked with unnecessary clutter we don’t know where to turn.

If all this sounds too familiar, don’t panic. You probably need the help of a professional home organiser and declutterer to get you straight. That’s where Lancing based comes in. Run by interiors expert Kim, gives the very best advice on how to create space, order and accessibility in your home. “Through better organisation, many daily tasks can become quicker, simpler and easier”, explained Kim. “I provide advice, hands-on help, ideas for storage solutions and a planned approach to the task in hand, whilst not forgetting the all important motivation and support to my clients. The goal is often to regain valuable space and organise your possessions in a way that works for you. It could be a kitchen cupboard, a wardrobe, a bedroom or the entire home”.

What invite someone into my home and have them look through all my junk? No way - I’d be too embarrassed!

“It’s okay,” says Kim. ”We provide a sensitive, completely confidential service, and we’re not here to judge you. The last thing you want is someone forcing you into courses of action you don’t want to take. It’s not at all like the TV where bossy people come into your home and take over. Absolutely not. Be reassured that  the emphasis is on reorganising and making your life simpler. Most importantly all the decisions are yours”.

There are loads of reasons why you could be in a muddle at home. Perhaps you’ve inherited possessions you haven’t a clue what to do with. Maybe you’re downsizing your home, clearing a backlog of paperwork, coping with a new baby, getting divorced or preparing for long term care. Whatever your personal situation, will understand and treat your gently. can even take away small amounts of clutter and offer advice on how to dispose of larger items you may with to sell or donate. Something which may surprise you is that too much clutter in your life can affect your mindset, too - making you feel indecisive and unable to cope with your life. A good decluttering and reorganisation session feels like a weight lifted from your shoulders - and afterwards you’ll be amazed by the sense of freedom.

If you would like to arrange for Kim to visit you for a friendly, free, no-obligation chat to see how she can help you, please give her a call on 01903 753154 or visit the website for more information at

Kim at is CRB checked and has been council approved to work with vulnerable people. is a member of APDO-UK (The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers UK).

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