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1958 House prices in Lancing
House prices have gone up tremendously in our area over the past few years - by up to 30%. This is depending on your circumstances good or bad news. Good news as an investment but bad news for the young people of Lancing and Sompting who are looking to buy.

Back in 1958, AC Draycott were selling new houses and bungalows in our area. John Goodman sent the cutting and UE did the scanning for me, many thanks to both of them!


Sample prices from the advert


Halewick Road 2,100


Steepdown Road 2,250


Seadown, Western Road 2,195


Sompting Road 2,950


Manor Close 2,870


Ring Road 2,950


Violet House, South Street 2,925


Manor Road 3,500


Fairview Road 3,500

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