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The day a "Queen Mary" came to Lancing

Pearl gave me the postcard shown to the right  and my friend John took a photo of it with his digital camera.

It shows a Southdown bus (route 7) going over the level crossing at Lancing railway station. Mark (an expert on these matters) identifies the bus as being a Leyland Titan type that was nicknamed "Queen Mary"

My guess is that the photograph was taken 1964, probably from the roof of the "Luxor" cinema. Interestingly the present route of the 7 bus means that it does not cross the level crossing but goes along Sompting Road instead.

North road from luxor roof

Ray then sent along the contemporary  photo having scaled to the top of the Luxor building (with permission) to take the photo!

My thanks to Pearl, John, Mark, and Ray for help on this feature.

To enjoy more photos of "old" Lancing, take a trip to Rays website at Lancing Postcards


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