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An early Spring walk to Brooklands Pleasure Park near Lancing West Sussex

Regular poster of photos to the website Nigel S. and I took a walk around Brooklands Pleasure Park on Friday 20th April 2012 and we actually enjoyed a sunny time! I took the photos on the smartphone but if you have any from the park please send them along to me at andy@northlancing.org 0787 5627153

Nigel has a real passion for the park, particularly at this time of the year with greening at Springtime - so when better to talk a walk there?

The other very cool aspect is that Nigel also is one of the train drivers on the miniature railway!

I anyone would like to take a walk around the park and then perhaps enjoy a coffee afterwards get in touch and we will see if we can arrange a date!

This is the place

We were very lucky with the weather

Ponies and horse rides available here

Do not talk about the drought ... looks recycled!

Ditto ... ready for summer!

Dovecote near the cafe

The train that Nigel helps to run/drive

The greening

There are some very attractive walks to be had in the park


We Play Too/We Cycle Too area

Cycle track


Avenue of green

Clever and cool signage

Nigel enjoying a cuppa at the cafe ... give him a wave when you are at the park!


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